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Fighter Girl
Alienware - Gaming PC for PC Gaming

These rules should not be at all hard to follow. Since there will be a large amount of people at this event, we need a few ground rules to keep everything fun for everyone.
  1. No smoking inside the building
  2. No speakers. We will have a lot of people at the event and speakers would cause a little too much chaos.
  3. If you have to do something with the servers, ask one of the staff to help you even if you are the most uber geek this side of Zion.
  4. If it's not yours, don't touch it.
  5. Only bring one gaming computer per person
  6. You must clean up after yourself
  7. Keep swearing to a minimum. It is perfectly alright to drop the occasional swear, but we will not tolerate shouting obscenities, racial slurs, or sexual harassment.
  8. Our network is not for trading files. We will not tolerate piracy, copyright infringement, or pornographic materials. If we find out you are abusing our network, you will be ejected from the party immediately
  9. No cheating
  10. No real-life fighting
  11. No drugs, weapons, or any other illegal materials. Duh.
  12. If you are kicked out of the party, you will not get a refund.
Bottom Lines